Telemeda 59

Our Telemeda plans allow you to visit healthcare professionals electronically via smart phones, computers, or tablets. You can receive quality care anytime and anywhere. This plan allows you to speak with a physician to get a simple diagnosis for minor medical issues or get a prescription all done through a phone call or video chat. No need to travel to the doctor's office or an urgent care center for an unexpected minor illness or injury. ACA (Affordable Care Act) Preventive Benefits, like immunizations, are included. Affordable and convenient, real-time services help you improve your health wherever you are.

Starting Price - $59 / month

Telemeda 59

  • See a Board-Certified Physician or Licensed Mental Health Therapist
  • Low monthly price from $59 to $129
  • Telemedicine is accessible 24/7, 365 days
  • ACA Preventive Benefits – 63 covered items
  • ACA Mandated Generic Tier-1 Medications

Board certified doctors that can diagnose your symptoms, prescribe medications, and send prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice.

Remedy.Me brings innovation to healthcare and saves you money. With healthcare costs increasing, day-to-day healthcare is quickly becoming unaffordable. Remedy.Me treats 75% of common conditions to avoid costly and time-consuming doctor visits, Urgent Care or even Emergency Room visits. With Remedy.Me there are no co-pays or surprising bills. We’ve studied our competitors and brought you a better solution at a lower price. Choose our plans to get the coverage you need.

Download Our MEC & Telemeda Plans Flyer

For your convenience we’ve created a document for you to see all of our MEC and Telemeda plans in one easy place. Click the button below to download the flyer.

Plan Pricing

Our plans are priced with you and your family in mind. Choose one of the plans below and you will be taken to our partner site, GoAskJay, to purchase your plan.


$59per month

Individual + Spouse or 1 Child

$79per month

Individual + Spouse + 1 Child

$99per month

Individual + Spouse + 2 Children

$129per month

Included Benefits

Each of the Telemeda plans offer slightly different benefits. Be sure to compare the plans or download the flyer to view them side by side.

Plan Benefit Details
ACA Preventative Benefits (63 Items)
Telemedicine by Remedy.Me
ReliaShield Essential Individual Plan
Not Available
ACA Mandated Generic Tier 1
ACA Optional Generic Tier 2
Not Available
Primary Care/Office Visits
Not Available
Primary Care/Office Visits Co-Pay
Not Available
Specialist Visits
Not Available
Specialist Visits Co-Pay
Not Available
Urgent Care Limited Benefits
$250 Co-Pay
Daily In-Hospital Contribution
Not Available
Daily In-Hospital Contribution Length
Not Available
Hospitalization In-Patient
Not Available
Critical Illness
Not Available
Emergency Room Services
Not Available
Intensive Care Indemnity
Not Available

Important Details

  • Our ERISA based health care benefits are exclusively structured for the members of The Medical Access Network Association. You must become a member of The Medical Access Network Association with a $35 annual membership fee. Discounts apply for groups of large numbers.
  • Member Family pricing covers up-to 4 participants; $40 extra for each additional family member; $50 for each additional Senior (+65 of age)
  • Telemedicine by Remedy.Me plans 29, 59 & 89 available in USA, Canada and Latin America